Sunday, February 20, 2011

Who Am I?

Who Am I? 

That is the question that thousands upon thousands of people ask themselves everyday. Be it wanting to "find themselves", being asked your name even making a moral decision you'll ask yourself this question at some point! 

Me? Well I'm an 18 Year old, blue-yellow colour-blind, opinionated, insomniac with Carpal Tunnel syndrome OCD  and almost flat feet! WOW doesn't that sound great. When I put it like that it's quite sad really. However life is not at all shabby! 
I have tried my hand at 'blogging' in the past however I either thought I sounded too immature (like a whining child) or I completely lost interest as it didn't seem to be catching on. However as things are it's something to do with my time when sleep evades me, and as I have tried more than once, some of those OCD tendencies are clinging and really I've just got to crack it! More than anything, I like the idea of being part of the blogging world, sharing ideas with people and having debates that would otherwise not happen in my daily life. 

As my current status is that of a student, I think this blog will vary in content. However I will be blogging about my hobbies, interests, aspirations and the general 9-5. 

I only have one question at this precise moment... Who are you? 

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