Monday, February 21, 2011

First Real Post

Okay so here goes, my attempt at a successful blog! It's 11:59 PM here in Edinburgh and I am still not tired. As I mentioned in the previous and technically speaking 'first post' I'm an insomniac, however right now I'm doing pretty well (5.5 hours sleep last night/this morning). Since I've been up since about 10ish this morning I'm not expecting to sleep for a while (maybe even days) yet. All things like this however I attempt to turn into a positive and tonight that positive is that I can crack on with this and possibly even get my English analysis work done!

Last week's insomnia saw me blitzing my room. So right now I'm sat half way between the kitchen and sitting room tapping away on the key pad... I won't bore any of you with the ins and outs of the house/what I see but its pretty big and kinda house like. This resemblance to a house is the first of it's kind in months, 7 to be exact. Over the last 7 months or so there's been a lot going on in this ranch and it's not been easy! A 30sft extension has been built new kitchen half installed then taken out and then half re-installed only then to be given over to the hands of the lawyers, underfloor heating throughout the whole house, meaning at least two months with no floors, my room has been both habitable and inhabitable several times and is currently habitable but without furniture (other than my new and therefore very exciting wardrobe!). I have slept in almost every room in the house including the garden! and will be overjoyed when it's all over. But hey there is light at the end of the tunnel now at least. 

It's fair to say then it's been anything but pretty, arguments, successes, fails of epic proportions and both tears and laughter along the way, which there has been more of it's hard to say but hey, as long as we're getting to the end of having to constantly hunt for things. It was today, for the first time in 7 months, that I was able to walk into my (empty, other than the wardrobe) room, and retrieve something from the exact spot it should have been in! This was just too good for words. "ahem, SAD!!!" I hear you say, well that's as maybe, but for someone who relishes and has been deprived of order, clarity, cleanliness and all other relative things for 7 months these small changes mean the world! The study is now set up and painted as such, as will my boodwoir be in the next few days and after that, everything should start falling back into place! I can't wait! Don't get me wrong there is still a long way to go, but like I have said, the cup is filling up and soon it won't just be half full, it will be over flowing!!!

Any of you had similar experiences? or do you just identify with the order, clarity and cleanliness? maybe you don't identify with any of it, who knows... Any thoughts?

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