Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Home sweet Home

What is it about coming home from a long day at work/school/college/whatever you have been up to that is so good? I just love to come home get my jammies on and start to mong, even if I do still have to work!

I love to come in and get into my jammas, have a nice cuppa tea and sort dinner out before hitting the books again, it just makes it so much more relaxing. The perfect night in for me would be to come in get changed order a take out and then flick the news on while I wait. Cuddle up to the dogs and maybe even have a laugh at the expence of small children falling off their bikes on YBF! (im cruel!) So the delivery arrives and I throw on my dressing gown before taming the dogs, more for the sake of my dinner than the delivery man and tuck in to whatever it is that I have ordered. Once I have devoured this I would maybe make another cuppa or maybe something stronger and try find a film or something to watch. Settling in to watch whatever it is I have found, I'd once again snuggle into the dog and more often than not fall asleep, only to wake up and find the dog has finished off my tea or i have fallen asleep wit it in my hand and so it's no longer in the cup, it's all over me, the floor or both.

After cleaning up whatever mess I may or may not have made, I then trundel off to my bed, cursing my self for sleeping before hand and eventually drift off into a sleep where I dream about absolutly nothing :)

What is your ideal home comming? This is just one of mine, there are many others but right now this is the one I want to happen.

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