Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Decide already!

GAH! I'm being driven to distraction by the weather! One minute it's snowing the next it is practically a summers morning, much like this morning's 7 degrees!

Well... Last week it was in the minuses again! and then this morning its up to 7! I mean come on, all I'm asking for is a bit of consistency! one day I have to be all wrapped up and the next, well... not so wrapped up. One day we're digging ourselves out of the driveway and the next we're wearing our sunnies in the car!

Today started off well. dry and relatively warm - 7 degrees (which equates to a summer's morning in Edinburgh)
then it decided to rain - not unheard of it is Scotland after all, but then the wind picks up, and I don't have my scarf :/ this doesn't make me a happy person!

However the other day I was wearing a skirt - admittedly with tights- and a short sleeve tee and a short sleeved cardie! and it was fine! like not cold at all! What is up with that.

This is turning into a moan about the crap weather, if I thought about it I could have turned it into a moan about global warming/climate change, but for now I'll stick with less taxing stuff... after all I'm beginning to once again feel my self slipping into a zombie state from lack of sleep!

Any one else found the same thing, or is it just me?

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