Wednesday, February 23, 2011

What are your professional goals for the next year?

This came to me the other day, does college and courses count as professional? My guess is that they don't maybe they just count as being Pre-professional?

Anyway back to the question. I was asked yesterday what my professional plans were for next year so I told the young man that I was planning to take a Social Sciences HNC which he frowned upon! I mean REALLY? he said "social sciences are not a real science, they are just people pretending to be intelligent" well now I could not pass up the opportunity to conflict his opinion. Those taking social sciences are doing just the same as those doing real sciences like Biology.Chemistry.Physics. We are finding the cause and effect. The same as them.

Next he said, "so after you have done a pointless course I assume you are going to do a pointless degree?" This was said with a look of cheek, but nonetheless it wound me up!

I told him that if he was going to be so scathing then I wasn't going to take his question seriously! So he apologised and I told him that I was planning to do Psychology at uni and then do my training in Psychotherapy. "HA!" he burst out. "Psychobabble!?"

I turned an walked away.... Shouting "see you in a therapy session" I mean COME ON! why is there such prejudice towards the social sciences. After all psychologists are helpers. Sociologists help us understand our society and Philosophers... well they give us deep meaningful and thought provoking debates.

Belt up people, social sciences is not an easy option!


  1. Agreed! But it was quite strange why he responded in such a way. Well whatever! Psychology is a good subject and it helps psychologists understand human emotions. No doubt they are our helpers!


  2. WOO my first comment! Thank you Omar!It was very strange! I can't quite understand it. But hey, they are indeed and there are no limits to the way their research can change society... advertising, public profiling ect....
    I'll check out your blog :)