Tuesday, March 15, 2011

What's in my bag?

This has been a feature that I have seen on previous blogs and was one that I used on my old blog too....

It is basically a list of the contents of what you carry around with you! So this is mine for winter, which unfortunatly here in Edinburgh we are unfortunatly STILL experiencing. So here goes.

Although you may think, as I did when I first saw one of these type of posts, that you are not interested you are, stop kidding yourself. The first ever post like this i read beacuse I was extreemly bored! That might be why you are reading this?? But i found once I got into it, that I was taken over by this creepy feeling to "perv" on what strange thing's people carry around with them. Sometimes it's a laugh to think you are walking down the street and people are walking past you with all mannor of strange things in their bags!

I usually carry around a medium to large sized bag since i'm at college, it's kind of a necessity.
- A minimum of two working pens.
- At least one note book/jotter
- A diary (my treasured fileofax)
- Purse
- Keys
- Phone
- Mp3 player/iPod and it's charger
- Whatever makeup I am wearing that day (inc nail varnish) no one looks favouriably upon the chipped.
- Depending on lessons, various other pens and highlighters
- Vasaline/lipsalve (definatly needed in Edinburgh)
- Hairbands and depending on the weather a hat too.
- Anti-bacterial hand gel, and moisturiser so that my hands don't dry out when using the previous.
- Hairbrush
- The equivelant of a small drug store. (Paracetamol, Anti-hisamine for those hayfever sufferers, Cold and flu thingies because you never can be too sure)
- Memory stick, for when a laptop or computer crashes, it's a life saver.
- Eye lash curler (just looking through my bag at this present time)
- I cannot believe that I have gotten this far and forgotten to mention a good book! An essential for anone whose MP3 runs out on the bus!
- Passport, not in everyone's bag, but in mine as a second form of ID. And just incase be, I need to escape the country, always conveniant.
- A mini flash light (on my key ring)
- A pocket mirror
- Tissues!
- An umbrella.
- The perfume I am wearing.
- Chewing gum or polos
- bottle of water.

Okay that was me emptying the contents of my bag. Along the way I found seveal other items, old recipts and used bus tickets, that's just life though.

I have to say that I have recently downsized my bag and all of these things do sitll fit in it which I am happy about. But I mus confess that for the last two days I have been walking around feeling very insecure as I didn't have half the stuff I needed. That is because I gradually build back up what I have in my bag when I change and don't transfer the lot all at once. This has to change though, as today I have forgotten my book and water bottle :( *slaps hand*

But seriously, these items are not just "crap" they are valued and needed! I hate hearing people sniffing and snotting everywhere, always best to offer them a tissue. Did u grab a sticky bun at lunch and never got time to use the loo before the next lecture so now you have sticky hands that are impinging on your ability to write/type? Being able to wash and then moisturise them is a god send! Mobile Phone, Keys and Purse I think are just about the staple in any bag, but an MP3 or a good book are saviours on long bus rides, alongside a hat/hairband for windy days and a lipsalve for those icy mornings!

This is a list that can be added and taken from and the contents of a person's bag normally tells you quite a bit about them! Have a go! It may even lead to you clearing out some real "crap".

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