Wednesday, March 9, 2011


I Have been up since stupid o'clock this morning and when I first woke up I, quite frankly, could not be bothered. However i dragged myself to the bus stop and waited almost 40 minuets in a freezing bus shelter. during this time I watched my hands slowly change colour and so began to wonder how long it would take for frost bite to set in and how much longer I would have to wait before they dropped off completely!! But then I saw it, the bus came lumbering around the corner and relief flooded through me, my hands were safe, but not for long! I then came to realise that my admittedly failed attempt at keeping phalanges warm had resulted in what I like to call Glass Hand Syndrome - the belief that your hands are so cold, they are frozen into fists and will shatter like a brick through a glass window when you loosen your fist. So after a good half an hour thawing my hands out on the bus ('heater' if you can call it that!) I arrived at college and promptly tripped off the bus, and being only half awake I was extremely luck to have not fallen on my face because it took my brain almost a whole minute to realise that the floor was fast approaching.

I know worse can and has happened but at this point I'm convinced that it is going to be an awful day, start as you mean to go on and all that.... It's now 8:45, I'm heading into the main entrance while deciding that the stairs to the first floor are a hellish idea right now because lets face it, I have already suffered Glass Hand Syndrome and a near fatal fall today, it would be tempting fate to then subject myself to a broken neck courtesy of the stairs. This in mind I take the lift. What can go wrong? Ha! a lot can go wrong, namely getting stuck. So you guessed it.... fortunately the lift got it's arse in gear and within 5 minuets we were on our way again. stepping out of the lift I'm thinking 'Ah, Hell! Today is not looking good and it's only 9 o'clock'. 

As I walk into the room and plonk myself into my seat, I'm told by a friend that all we are doing today is getting feedback on our NAB's (exam) at this I allow myself a groan! How can this be a good omen? On a day that has gotten progressively worse from the moment I opened my eyes this can only spell one word F.A.I.L... 

We are all sat around chatting while the lecturer calls us forward individually to "talk about our results" and then my name is called... Heart thumping, praying for a pass so that I don't have to re-sit and thus revise the dreaded Stratification Theories module I make my way over to face the music. Which at this precise time is like that of the suspense music from jaws. As I sit down I get the "how do you think you've done?" and for the first time this morning I am required to actually think! So much like my computer (which is more like a dinosaur) I leave my brain to warm up and just say "mmm... When I was writing my answer I thought it went okay" Which really means that now thinking back I have no idea what I wrote/you know how well I've done, I'm not about to shoot myself in the foot and say I think I did great when you are about to tell me that I've failed!

I passed! And to my surprise he was pretty "impressed with the content" his words not mine. This it appears has been the turning point in my day, from then on... well it hasn't really gotten any better, the mountain of work that appears to be the size of Aurthur's Seat hasn't magically disappeared but it also hasn't gotten any bigger, and the day hasn't gotten any worse. :) 

I am now faced with the dilemma of what to do with the rest of my day, since my last lecture has been cancelled. Common sense tells me that I should probably try and climb that mountain of work but then again I could easily find things to blog about all day! 

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