Wednesday, March 9, 2011



This is another poem inspired by my big brother, this was written more recently. I haven't had the chance to speak it out to people yet, and don't think I will do in the near future (I'm shy about my work, on here I can hide behind the computer) but I know that it is here and that gives me some confidence. 

Looking to an empty void
I cannot see your face
Waiting until I can join
Holding nothing but an ace
Running through the sands of time
For something I can chase
There is nothing I would choose to hold
Nothing but your face.

There is nothing I can say to you
But how it used to be
To joke and laugh and mess with you
You, just you and me.
There’s nowhere I can see you now
You’re nowhere I can see
Everything is locked up now
And it’s you that holds the key.

Return one day with time to tell
What the future has in store
Soothe us with you tales of how
There’s a world beyond and more
Don’t worry us, go on, have fun
Of you we cannot bore.
As long as you have tales to tell
What the future has in store. 

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